Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This software looks so good

but it's f... hard to get it working!
Really, it's only pain. After more than 8 hours I don't want to install a media center anymore. And like a lot of people, I wish to find a computer that is usable. A computer that wouldn't lose my time. I will buy an Apple as soon as I can, I believe.
I just feel like this woman (dilbert.com)

Ganymede, I should do like you and stay away from tv.


  1. I completely agree with you. That's what bothers me too: Unusable systems. Portage is of course an improvement to package management, but I just don't have the time to keep track of all the issues and changes anymore. Do you think Apple has the solution? Hmm, but there's so much Linux stuff I can't live without.

    This cartoon really hits the nail on the head, great!

  2. Hmm, but there's so much Linux stuff I can't live without.

    I think most GNU/Linux software compile correctly under MacOS as long as it is only a BSD derivative, am I wrong?

  3. @raberalf:
    Apple is a FreeBSD system, most of the stuff using on a linux box you will get running on MAC OS, too. If not, you can install Microsoft Windows on the Mac and run Cygwin :-P

  4. Sure, it will finally work. But again, you'll need libraries in different versions, dependencies and the like...
    I don't know, but it would be interesting to hear about this szenario. Having everyday software managed by MacOS and some added GNU/linux tools.


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