Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ugly but huge huge HUGE airplane

Seen on

Yes it flies!!! And yes this is a serious Boeing project! Awesome.

Le desastre des medias

Quand je vois la television ces jours je suis vraiment vraiment amer.
Rien que des images de guerres entre bateaux a marseille, du cinema hollywoodien quoi. Des gens qui se battent. Mais ou est donc le fond? Ou parle t-on des poissons? Qui s'interesse s'il y a encore des thons? Personne!

Riez les pecheurs, vous allez bien rire dans 20 ans! Le probleme c'est que la terre entiere aura perdu.

Ou s'arretera donc la connerie humaine? Entre la tele imbecile, les pecheurs imbeciles et les telespectateurs imbeciles, Greenpeace represente vraiment une exception de conscience.

La surpeche du thon

Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je pense que cet article est juste (Le Monde) . Si les scientifiques assurent que les thons sont tres menaces, pourquoi serait-ce faux? Qui peut prouver scientifiquement le contraire?
Ca me revolte complement de lire ca, mais que faire? Et qu'est ce que l'on va faire, une fois qu'il n'y aura plus de thon?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

John Grisham: The Street Lawyer

During these holidays, I finally took time to read. One of the books I read is The Street Lawyer from John Grisham, after an advice from a friend lawyer.

This is about a young successful lawyer of Washington D.C. - Michael Brock, already near to be a partner, is suddently taken in hostage by an homeless, and, searching for an explanation, comes to meet Mordecai Green, a lawyer for homeless. The 'Legal Clinic' of Washington D.C. really exists, actually. The more he learns about homeless peoples, Michael Brock decides to let his work in the big firm to become a lawyer for homeless people. To give a sense to his life.

What's good in this? What did I like especially in this book? Well it's difficult to say. Part of it has to do with the excellent style and writing skills of Grisham. He's really, really good. The surprising thing is that I didn't awaited such a critism of the american system and of capitalism.
There are some really big questions in this story. What are we making individually to help the poors? What are we doing to avoid that peoples come to live on the streets, and what are we making to bring them out of the streets?

Outside of showing the cliche that one can be happy with a minimum wage, the story shows the price to pay for financial wealth. And it's very expensive. The other part is about questioning, and accomplishment. How could I rebuild my life if I should start from zero again? What do I really want do in my life? Michael, by becoming a social lawyer not only rebuilds the life of poor people, he rebuilds his life, and that's one of the more interesting part of the book.

The homeless. They get almost no help from politicians, because they don't vote. Why caring about them? Grisham explains very well that an homeless is cheaper for the state and better for the society if he's in a shelter rather than in prison. And he's even more profitable to the society if he gets a job and a home! One can only think that we really live in a stupid world, where you need to lobby in order to obtain rights. But then, I should first ask myself what I'm doing to change this situation. Nothing.

Oh yeah, there is an intrigue in this book. With lawyers, conspiracies, etc. But this is not really the point. Actually, this is the least important part of the book.

I'm gonna read other books from Grisham, because he seems to be a really good writer.
And I'm gonna think about this book during some times. Or maybe reread it, it would be worth it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger update

Ralf wird froh, wenn er das lesen wird... Na ja, es war auch endlich Zeit. Schade das es nur beschraenkt geht. Ich frage mich auch wie es geht, die alte Artikeln auf diese neue Version von Blogger zu migrieren...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

How it looks like to flight a plane

Sorry, I couldn't resist... I'm a little bit frustrated that I didn't had a fish-eye lense to take this photo...

Hear airport towers on your computer

A flight instructor gave us a nice tip yesterday during the theory class:
Some big airports, like Chicago O'Hare or Boston, are streaming their radio frequency (ground, tower, approach/departure) on the net.
A good link is
Enjoy! But solid knowledges in ATC and aviation are necessary. This is a very good site for "aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators, and anyone with an interest in aviation communications. "

That said, for me, poor French, it's very difficult to understand... I'm curious to see what will happen when I'll have to land in Stuttgart (EDDS) !