Sunday, November 30, 2008

First flight to France

As I had little to do today, I asked to Pierre, another French pilot, if I could fly with him today. He wanted to fly to France :) We couldn't start before 13 o'clock, which made the France travel particularly short, but it was so beautiful! That was my first fly to France in a small plane - and as a copilot.
We got to fly over the black forest, then Freiburg, Mulhouse and Belfort. Our goal was Gray. It was a really nice weather, but became windy toward Gray. Pierre was surprised by the high cross wind, and the landing was not easy,but he mastered that well. His family was here to see him, but we just had 20 min to stay there. After that it would be too late to come back to Poltringen before sunset. So we had to hurry. The French air controllers were extremely nice, it was funny to communicate with them in French :)
On our way back, we flew another area of the black forest, which was even more beautiful. Over Freiburg there were some aircraft traffic, but overall there were almost no one in the sky today. Arrived on Poltringen 15 min before sunsets, other pilots were worrying that we'd come too late, their first question was "where are you?". They were relieved as we said we were 5 min from the airfield. Landing on 16:20, what a great experience!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Change! (& back here)

You can see there is a new design in here... I spent some time this week-end to renew my old blog template. I'll have to customize and polish this one for sure sometime soon, but at least it's motivating me for writing again on this blog. By the way, I'm pretty impressed by the new Blogger beta functions which are a great improvement. Blogger was not very dynamic before, but now it has all the functions I think I need. See you soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still blogging...

But just somewhere else: you can find me on twitter.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sommer sommer

Am Ende Nachmittag mit diesem fantastischen Wetter duerfte ich ein paar Notlande-Uebungen zum erste Mal allein machen - zum Glueck alle 3 geschafft. Mit dem Flugzeug ohne Motorhilfe zu fliegen ist echt anstregend, aber so ein Spass, und welch' ein gutes Gefuehl, wenn man richtig auf der Landebahn kommt! (Oops, eigentlich habe ich bei der letzte Landung fast Hasen erwischt so niedrig ich war, aber egal...)

Jetzt darf ich in voller ruhe Coldplay hoeren, es wuerde sich lohnen, was ueber diese (wieder) tolle CD zu schreiben.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sleep - Grandios

Heute war ich auf der Suche nach ein Video von dem Stueck Sleep von Eric Whitacre. Das haben wir naemlich fuer der Camerata Vocalis aufgenommen, und ich konnte schon nicht mehr warten, es wieder zu hoeren. Es ist wirklich ein wunderbares modernes Stueck.

Zufaelligerweise war ich an den Festival, wo diese Video stammt, war aber an diesen Abend mit dem Orchester unterwegs, und habe deswegen dieses unglaublisches Konzert verpasst.
Allerdings haben uns danach mehrere andere Teilnehmer gesagt, dass der Konzert einfach grandios war (nicht wenig wegen der Tanzerin).
Es gibt doch gute moderne Musik, und es gibt immer noch originale, gute Kunst. Das freut mich sehr.