Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How Bill Gates works

It's always difficult to know what really happens in the offices of most CEOs and executives.

One of the most famous and richest of them, Bill Gates, explains himself his workflow in a very good article of CNN. Like him or not, he will stay one of the most influent persons in the computer world. And my opinion is, it's always better to read little concise texts from peoples that really succeeded at what they done instead of whole books from 'specialists' who've only done consulting and writing...

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  1. It's easier to get rich when you have a monopol. Give me 95% of the OS market, and you'll see if I'm able to make as much money as he does.

    Therefore, I think that the way he does the daily "routine" work is irrelevant. Having the same desktop organisation won't help you.


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