Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The man behind Apple

When you think Apple, you're surely thinking... Steve Jobs. Right. Or not so right?

Then, the geek in you will think Steve Wozniak. Even better. But he's not at Apple anymore for a while.

Who, then? The answer: Jonathan Ive. This man is the most influent designer at Apple. With his team, he's designed almost all significant products of Apple since the first iMac, including the iPod and the georgeous Cinema Display.

This is really a key player. Is there any other computer firm having such a good designer? I don't think. With him Apple took the place of Sony on the top of the coolest electronic brands. Who is speaking about Sony's design right now? Not that much people. A PSP may be cool, but compared to an iPod nano it's ridiculous (I'm just speaking about design here).

Maybe finally doing tech objects that are elegant is a new thing. Apple products are elegants and easy to use. Doing a good design is often felt from the customer's view as a proof that he's important. The producer is doing quality because he cares about the customer: that's the customer's feeling. Actually the producer does better quality to sell more. But this is a trade-off. By doing quality the producer has to spend more money, thus making the product more expensive.

Ive's design is unique, and makes Apple even more famous than the quality of their products. And in design, this is often the case that a few people are responsible for outstanding things. Did someone heard about products that look better than the Apple ones? I didn't. Please tell me if you see one. In my opinion, some other companies can copy Apple, but with a man like Ive on the board, they're never going to have a single step forward.

Want to read a very good interview of Jonathan Ive? Click here ;)

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