Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been a while since my last post... Anyway...
Today was an unusual day because it should have been boring. But on the way home, one train came late. I was very hot and uncomfortable in this train, and as it was late I lost the next connection. Time to read a few tweets, fine - but people were stacking in big numbers on the platform. I went to ask what was going on, and people told me the preceding trains were not driving. How well, then time for a break. No way I'd stack in an overheated train today.
I decided to go to the town center of Herrenberg and have a drink on a very nice place outside, under the trees and without cars. I used to occasion to continue "The Kings of New York", a splendid book that I'm enjoying so much, and that was it - 100% relaxed.
Well, it took me three hours to come home, but that was worth. Good evening!