Sunday, January 29, 2006

Big, bigger, biggest

Whooa. I'm speechless. There is a big tower currently beeing built in Dubai right now. Check this wikipedia article for more informations... You can find a picture of the current state of construction, too.

While I discovered that yesterday on TV, I quickly thought:
- The europeans don't really live in a moving world right now, but a lot of other parts of the world do. Even the USA seem to be late (compare this to the new World Trade Center project).
- The technology don't evolve slow, as lot of people seem to believe. The big projects are not dead at all.

This project is for sure a strategical move of the Emirates; they see that their current economy will not sustain decades, and they have to use their money to invest in transforming their land to promising economy: services and tourism (I know, tourism is a kind of service).

I'm really impressed by this project. As we could see in the last years that the leading influence of the US in science went down (abandon of the space exploration, problems with intelligent design, no 'courageous project' anymore outside monitoring and spying citizens), some other countries are taking the lead. It's good. The next years and decades are going to be very interesting because we're gonna see a new shape of the world order.

The point is: nobody wins at being conservative. Forces that create tend to win against forces that destroy. This is why we are living in a cilivized world, and why the wealth in the world is globally increasing. It would be funny to compare the price of this building to the one of the war in Iraq...

Still, there is some hope for Europe. The Airbus 380 is an example. The World Cup could be bring happiness and patriotism back to Germany. This would be good, because so much people are so talented in this country; they just need to get more dynamic. Far from impossible! A good thing: their new chancelor is impressing the whole world...

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