Saturday, July 08, 2006

A bug in a TFT screen

... Yes, a bug is in my screen! A real, living bug! I don't know when it will die, in the middle of my screen... shit!

Before there was the CRT screen. The real screen was an hermetic box without air, so nothing (and no bugs) could come in. But the TFT screens don't need anymore an empty and completely hermetic box. So a very little bug went under my screen. I can see it but I can't touch it. I even tried to kill it while it was under the border of the screen :( Now I have this little moving thing under my screen and it's gonna staying here. I can't remove it without opening my screen. Bad design - new technologies, new problems.


  1. HAhaha, ich musste sehr lachen :-)) ich hoffe er ist in der zwischenzeit raus aus deinem Bildschirm!

  2. Ja, das Ding ist irgendwie verschwunden!!! Gott sei dank!


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