Sunday, July 30, 2006

I am not worrying about my future as software engineer

When I see how much the processes are inefficient and wrong in most of the companies I have to deal with in my private life, I'm not worrying about my future as a software engineer.

Phone company: I move into a new apartment, they change my phone line to the new one, but the bills are still sent to my old address... This fucking phone company billed me 300 Euros for my move! And they believe I will buy any single service after that?

Electricity company: They sent the bill to the former lodger, and then wanted me to pay 4 times more than her. They simply didn't look at how much she was paying. I needed to phone them to get a more normal price.

The different train companies are completely unsynchronized together. There are tons of things to optimize, because most of them have no idea what IT can really bring. Most times IT projects are under-funded, under time pressure, and for a result have a poor quality that wouldn't be acceptable in any other industry.

If the computers stopped gaining any power tomorrow, I'm sure I would anyway be able to work until retirement, because there is still so much to do to polish all the bad softwares and IT processes... and yes, it's the case even in Germany! The regional trains are late 50% of the times and the big companies are completely disorganized... Let's stop this unsense!


  1. Hey Stephane, you know you say the very true things. Bravo! Most of the software company is doing too much hurry to make money; as a result very very poor product. I agree 100% with you.


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  3. Yes I am also agree with these points. Most of the software companies declaring about the quality product but they don’t allow proper time for the production. It is sad but true that we cannot expect a quality product without proper planning and sufficient time for the development!


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