Friday, February 24, 2006

The Art Of Unix Programming

Yesterday I just finished reading this book online. It's really a great book in this category; a very good explanation of the Unix culture, and I think any (non-)Unix programmer would have something to learn in this book. There are some very good description of design patterns (not object-oriented ones!), and a lot of other good ideas. It's like an analyse of the Unix programming world, the customs, the people that do it, etc.

I often disagree with Raymond's political opinions, but it's not the topic of this post. Even if the book is most of the time very partial, it's a very useful piece of information. I especially loved the chapter 15, in the part about make, the chapter 18 about documentation and the chapter 19 about best practices. Worth reading, even if it is quite a big book.

PS: Here a funny cartoon on Eric Raymond...

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