Friday, August 05, 2005

Emacs with Qt, anyone?

Like so much people, I would like to have a Qt Emacs. Because it would be more elegant (fonts,etc) and better integrated (kde sessions,...). And many peoples are crying for it. So sad they are losing them into holy wars. It should already exist since years.
Just take a look on this Carbon port of Xemacs. Maybe I should simply buy a Mac. If only I could.

The best solution I found (and keep using it), is to start emacs inside Konsole. So I have my pretty fonts, my kde colours and settings; but still it's not always the most efficient to use without widgets.

... Anyway, if someone knows a Qt port of Emacs, please (at least) send an email, or a comment.
BTW I'm very interested too know how you guys deal with this problems, what solutions did you find? (Konsole like me, or special config of the GTK front-end...)

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